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Bingo Wings

Bingo Wings

Introduction to Bingo Wings

Bingo wings are areas of flesh under the tricep on the upper arm that wobble, that are noticeable when the arms are raised and shaken. They can lead to self-consciousness and lack of confidence as people worry about their appearance.  When weight is lost quickly, the skin is not given time to shrink back to its previous size, leaving stretched flesh that sags.

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Before and after Bingo Wings treatment

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Factors To Consider

Loss of elasticity due to age is a factor that increases the chances of bingo wings; as collagen breaks down in the skin, it reduces how firm skin is, and as we age is can become loose.

Lack of testosterone can affect bingo wings in both men and women. Low levels of testosterone can have a negative effect on muscle tone, which can leave your upper arms saggy.

Excess fat in the arms can also cause bulges and rolls that wobble when the arms move. This can be caused by a poor diet. When you eat more calories than you burn, the unburned calories are stored in fat cells which swell over time as calories go unused.

Lack of minerals, healthy fats, and oils can impact skin elasticity, and lack of protein and vitamins affects the muscle underneath fat, exacerbating bingo wings.

Treatments available for Bingo Wings

Frequently Asked Questions

At PHI Clinic we can never promise treatment on the same day. We first must ensure you are suitable for treatment and that can only be acheived at consultation. We must ensure we believe that the treatment we perform is the best treatment for you and we can meet your desired expectation.

The price for Bingo Wings treatments start from: £850

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Bingo Wings

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