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Bump On Nose

Bump On Nose

Bump On Nose

A bump on the nose, or a dorsal bump, can affect self esteem, especially when pictures are taken in profile, as an undesirably shaped bridge, or dorsum, can ruin a photo. A bump on the nose can be genetic, or result from an injury, and is made up of excess bone, excess cartilage, or a mixture of the two. Other names for a bump on your nose include ‘Roman nose’ and ‘aquiline nose’.

Genetic – a nose with a bump is a dominant trait that is inherited from parents. This trait can grow or change during development, becoming more pronounced.

Injury – trauma to the nose can result in the formation of calcium deposits and bone growth in the area that was injured, which can form a dorsal bump that wasn’t already there or make an existing one appear more prominent.

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Before and after Bump On Nose treatment

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Who will treat me for a bump on the nose?

At PHI Clinic, we have a dedicated team of injectable clinicians who are able to perform non-surgical nose augmentation (also called the “no-knife nose job”) using dermal fillers. By introducing small amounts of product into the bridge and tip, our doctors are capable of creating significant results, addressing problems like a drooping tip, dorsal hump, wide bridge, and more.

Treatments available for Bump On Nose

Frequently Asked Questions

One session is required and results can last up to 2 years. In some cases mild corrections may be required after treatment however, these would be provided at follow up and at the discretion of the doctor.

There is no downtime with this treatment, however you will likely be advised not to wear glasses for a short time following the procedure, and avoid bumping the area. Some swelling may occur, but will go down.”

Suitability can only be established at consultation. Due to the nature of the treatment and complexities of the procedure our doctors must fully assess the treatable area.

Non surgical nose reshaping procedures are performed by our team of cosmetic doctors only.

The price for Bump On Nose treatments start from: £750

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Bump On Nose

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