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Love Handles

Love Handles

Introduction To Love Handles

Love handles (also called muffin tops) are deposits of excess fat at the waist, often called stubborn fatty deposits, due to physiology; there are more fat cells in this region than in others.

When you eat more calories than you burn the excess are stored by the body in fat cells, and become the subcutaneous fatty deposits that are a source of contention for so many people.

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Before and after Love Handles treatment

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Factors to consider

Factors like diet, sleep, and stress can lead to increased weight gain.

Diet – too much sugar, starch, and fatty food can be stored as fat around the waist

Sleep – lack of sleep can cause problems with the metabolism (the chemical processes within the body that turns food into energy), causing it to slow down, leading to weight gain

Stress – When you are stressed, the hormone cortisol is released, which encourages your body to store fat rather than burn it

Treatments available for Love Handles

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of sessions required will depend upon the size of the area and the associated mass. in some cases 2 sessions may be required on the chosen area

Suitability for fat reduction treatment is dependant upon consultation, we will however reserve the right to refuse treatment for those that are preganant of breast feeding.

Treatments for love handles are performed by our highly qualified nurses and therapists

There is no downtime associated with our non surgical fat reduction tretaments however, patients may experience some discomfort, swellin or bruising after treatment.

The price for Love Handles treatments start from: £850

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Love Handles

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