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Introduction To Pigmentation

There are special cells (melanocytes) in the skin that make melanin, a pigment that affects the colour of skin.

When these special cells are damaged or unhealthy, melanin production is affected; some disorders affect the entire body, whereas others just affect patches of skin. High levels of melanin cause darker skin, low levels cause lighter skin, and total or partial lack of melanin results in the disorder Albinism. At PHI Clinic, we have a range of treatments available to reduce abnormal pigmentation.

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Before and after Pigmentation treatment

Other Factors to consider - Tapan Patel amended 690x960

Other Factors to consider

Pigmentation refers to the colour of the skin, and can range from the appearance of small age spots to large patches of splotchy, discoloured skin. Skin discolouration due to problems with melanin can be hormonal, like melasma, a condition commonly referred to as ‘the mask of pregnancy’ as 90% of pregnant women suffer from it, although men can develop the condition as well. This gets its name from the areas of the face that it affects; the upper lips, nose, cheekbones, and forehead, creating blotches of darkened skin that can look make it look like the sufferer is wearing a mask.

Hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation are both conditions caused by melanin levels, causing areas of lighter skin and darker skin, respectively. Melanin depletion or lack of melanocytes causes loss of skin colour in hypopigmentation, whereas excess melanin forms in deposits in the dermis and epidermis in hyperpigmentation.


Treatments available for Pigmentation

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of treatments required to treat pigmentation may vary from patient to patient. A comprehensive treatment plan will be created highlighting all associated costs following a mandatory consultation.

Treatments for pigmentation are usually performed by our highly trained team of nurses and therapists.

The amount of downtime associated with pigmentation treatment depends upon the treatment performed and the intensity of that treatment.

Special care and attention needs to be taken when undergoing any laser treatment to avoid sun exposure.

The price for Pigmentation treatments start from: £500

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