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Thin Lips

Thin Lips

Introduction to Lips Treatment

Thin lips can be a a source of self-consciousness for many, especially now, as more and more celebrities are favouring larger lips over their smaller counterparts. There are many factors that can influence the size of lips, ranging from genetics to smoking.

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Before and after Thin Lips treatment

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Factors To Consider

Ageing – as we age, collagen and elastin, proteins that control firmness and elasticity of the skin and support soft tissue, break down. The muscles around the mouth also become thinner and lose definition.

UV exposure – the sun’s rays and rays from tanning beds both encourage the breakdown of collagen,

Dehydration – when lips don’t have moisture, they dry out and shrink, and as they are always exposed, they are prone to suffering damage.

Pursing or puckering – repetitive facial movements can cause wrinkles, making the mouth appear smaller, and speeding up natural process by which the lip curls in on itself as we age.

Smoking – smoking affects the lips in two ways; firstly through the toxins in smoke, which encourage the breakdown of collagen. Secondly, the act of pursing lips in the process of smoking causes wrinkles, making the mouth appear smaller.

Genetics – thin lips are a recessive trait inherited from both parents.

Treatments available for Thin Lips

Frequently Asked Questions

The average effect of treatment with most lip fillers last approximately 6 – 12 months. It can be shorter or longer depending on; your age, your physiology, your lifestyle (smoking and exposure to sun r UV rays may reduce the effects) an the amount of product injected.

Suitability for Lip fillers treatment will be determined following the mandatory consultation at the clinic.

Lip fillers at PHI are only performed by our team of qualified doctors and nurses.

Before treatment it is recommended that you do not take any products which may thin the blood such as aspirin or green tea as this may increase the chance of bruising or swelling at the injection site. Make up will removed from the injection site before treatment takes place.

Take good care of yourself. Drink plenty of water. It is best to avoid alcohol for 24+ hours as this de-hydrates the skin. In the two weeks following treatment, it is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to sun or strong heat (UV rays, saunas, steam baths, etc).

The price for Thin Lips treatments start from: £595

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Thin Lips

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