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Wide Jaw

Wide Jaw

Introduction To Wide Jaw Treatments

A wide jaw in women can be seen as a masculine or unattractive trait, manifesting as a large, square lower jaw. This condition is caused by bone, muscle, or a mixture of the two. The most obvious cause is a large jaw bone, or mandible, which is usually congenital, but can develop through conditions such as acromegaly.

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Other Factors to Consider

The size of the masseter muscle, used for chewing, can be congenital or acquired. As a muscle, it increases in size as it is exercised, whether that be through chewing gum, clenching teeth, or bruxism (excessive teeth grinding). This is an acquired wide jaw, whereas a congenital wide jaw is apparent throughout life, but can get worse with exercise.

At PHI Clinic, we use Botox® to relax the overdeveloped muscles and reshape your face. However, this cannot be used to treat an enlarged mandible, as this problem is created by bone, not muscle. Where a wide jaw is a result of both an enlarged mandible and oversized masseter muscle, it can be partially treated using our methods.

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Who Will Perform My Treatment?

Botox for a wide jaw is performed by our team of injectors at PHI Clinic, our doctors and Botox nurses, who all train regularly in our in house educational facility, PHI College. The nurses are also mentored personally by Dr Tapan, who works lecturing on national and international stages, bringing his knowledge to delegates from all over the world. He is regarded as one of the best cosmetic injectors in the world, and uses his expertise to collate the newest in safe and effective treatment techniques, which he teaches to the PHI practitioners.

Our nurses, receive more training than most aesthetic doctors, and have unique access to Dr Tapan and his knowledge. All patients are invited to a follow up consultation with your clinician at around one month following treatment in order to assess treatment outcomes. Within this consultation, you can discuss your results and your clinician can make any tweaks should this be necessary.

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