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Forehead Wrinkles – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Forehead lines expression

One of the primary concerns that people visit PHI Clinic for is to address the increase in the appearance of expression lines all around the face, but one of the main areas we see is the forehead wrinkles. There are two primary areas of concern; the horizontal lines above the eyebrows, and the vertical lines between the eyebrows. These are forehead lines and frown lines (or bunny/glabellar) lines, respectively, and can appear from repetitive facial expressions of anger or distaste. The main area is the horizontal lines and wrinkles that begin to appear around the eyes.

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Forehead lines expression

Lines on the forehead can affect both men and women, and dependent upon the shape of the forehead, can start to appear at as young as 16 years old, though these are not usually visible at rest until around the age of 18.

Most commonly patients who visit the clinic to look at addressing forehead lines will be visiting us in their twenties and this is something that can be treated very effectively in a number of different ways.

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subtle botox injections for forehead wrinkles

The first, and probably the most common, non-surgical treatment is the popular option of Botox, used worldwide. Botox is employed to temporarily reduce the appearance of the wrinkles that come about from expression. It is important to understand that at PHI Clinic we are not focusing on removing expression completely, and by the application of subtle Botox injections within specific areas of the forehead lines or expression lines, we can still maintain animation, yet provide a significantly reduced appearance of the wrinkle during expression and at rest. We exclusively use branded Botox by Allergan, the most effective product on the market.

If the creases in the forehead or on the face are quite distinguished at rest, we may need to provide a light application of dermal filler in that area to achieve rejuvenation and reduce the furrowed appearance.

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Laser Based Treatments

There are numerous other non-surgical techniques that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, either on the face or body, with the use of laser technology. Treatments like fractional resurfacing or laser based treatments that aid in stimulating collagen production can also provide improvements in this area.

Another way of reducing lines of expression would be to keep the skin hydrated and maintained so a good skincare regime combined with laser can provide fantastic effects both as a preventative and corrective measure.

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Reduce Forehead Wrinkles

For more information about our injectable based treatments to reduce the appearance of forehead, or other, lines of expression on the face, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team of highly trained and experienced practitioners here at the clinic.

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