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Cryolipolysis Technology And Stubborn Fat

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Cryolipolysis technology has come so far already and is still moving towards improvement, with progress being made in busting stubborn fat in previously untreatable areas. This year alone, CoolSculpting by Allergan introduced the CoolAdvantage Petite and CoolSculpting Mini, aimed at difficult to target areas like the knees, chin, upper arms, and bra fat.

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Cryolipolysis technology: How does it work?

Cryolipolysis is the name of the technology used by CoolSculpting devices, literally breaking down into the Greek roots cryo, meaning cold; lipo, meaning fat; and lysis, meaning dissolve. Any cryolipolysis journey will start with a consultation to determine your suitability for treatment, and at PHI this will be with one of our aesthetic therapists.

We do not perform same day treatment at the clinic, to ensure that you have enough time to make a decision about your treatment upon receiving information from your clinician. This applies to all treatments, from facials and fillers to Botox and lasers.

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Cryolipolysis technology for targeted fat reduction

Before any treatment goes ahead, your clinician will mark the area being treated to plan where the applicators will be placed. They will then place a gel pad over the target area to protect the skin throughout treatment, and position the applicator to cover this spot, creating a small vacuum to suck the stubborn fat into the device.

Over the 35-60 minute treatment, this area is precisely cooled, which causes fat cells to freeze and crystallise without affecting surrounding tissue. These select cells then die and are flushed out by the body’s natural processes.

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Results from cryolipolysis technology are long term, as the fat cells never grow back. However, your remaining fat cells can, and will, still expand if you regularly consume more calories than you burn. CoolSculpting is not suitable as a weight loss alternative, and should only be used on stubborn fat that has not been shifted through a healthy diet and exercise regime alone.

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cryolipolysis treatment in London

You can find a video of a cryolipolysis treatment for stubborn fat on the stomach on our YouTube page here, or head over to our treatment page for great before and afters in the gallery.

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