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Cryolipolysis Treatment

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Fat Cells and Cryoliposis Treatments

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Between early childhood and our teen years, our fat cells form in our bodies. Unlike other cells within our bodies, fat cells do not go through apoptosis; the process where cells die off and regenerate. This means that fat cells are static and your body will not kill them off. Your body distributes a set number of fat cells to any given area, with some areas having a higher concentration of fat cells than others. Although they may sit dormant for many years, once fat starts to collect, you can start to notice the disproportionate levels, often due to genetics. This is why people tend to find they may have a more problematic area. This is where cryolipolysis treatment can help.

Sub-Zero Temperatures

Cryolipolysis is the process of removing unwanted fat cells, via sub-zero temperatures. Fat cells do not regenerate, so providing patients maintain a healthy lifestyle post-treatment, results can be long-lasting.


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PHI Clinic is proud to house the most advanced, non-surgical device for cryolipolysis treatment; Coolsculpting® from Allergan. With built-in Freeze Detect® technology and FDA clearance, this treatment ensures patient safety and satisfaction, with proven results and minimal downtime. In fact, 95% of patients are satisfied with their results and experience. PHI Clinic also offers a dual system, allowing patients to have larger surface areas treated in half the time.

The benefits of cryolipolysis treatment are many, including:

–        The elimination of surgery

–        No sedation or anaesthetic needed

–        Less downtime than surgery

–        Effective results

–        Patient safety

–        FDA cleared

–        Long-lasting results

–        Large surface areas are treatable

–        Relatively low treatment time

–        No scars

–        The skin’s integrity remains intact

Cryolipolysis Treatment for Fat Reduction at PHI Clinic

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As well as offering superior technologies, PHI Clinic has some of the most talented, highly experienced practitioners in the UK. We treat patients on a regular basis, working to improve a plethora of indications and conditions.

Fat reduction is high on the agenda for many, and with the progression and advancement of non-surgical methods and techniques, treatment is much more favourable and palatable now than ever before.

With a session of treatment lasting from 35 minutes to an hour, the procedure itself is relatively quick and fuss-free. Results continue to improve 2-3 weeks after the procedure and our clinical staff are always to hand to assist.

For more information about cryolipolysis treatment at PHI Clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02070345999 today.

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