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Is There A Cure For Excessive Sweating

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The commute to work can be frustrating enough without having to worry about ensuring you have spare tops and extra strength deodorant. Spending up to an hour driving, or travelling on trains and buses can cause a myriad of problems, as external stimulus (especially a packed carriage or a traffic jam) heightens stress levels, and sets off nervous sweating. It might seem like something you have to live with, but thanks to the MiraDry treatment  at PHI Clinic, ‘just getting on with it’ is a thing of the past.

Excessive Sweating Treatment

For around 3% of the world’s population*, excessive sweating is a problem all year round that worsens in the summer months, and can cause discomfort or self-consciousness. 50% of those suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, meaning the underarms sweat more than average, and in our continuous journey to ultimate client satisfaction at PHI Clinic, we use miraDry to address the problem of excessive sweating, which we feel passionately about as a precise treatment. This FDA-approved procedure is the only non-invasive option available for underarm sweat, with proven results time and time again – we have carried out over 250 miraDry treatments in the last few years.

The system works using miraWave energy to target sweat and odour glands without affecting the skin above them, and due to the inability of these glands to grow back, they are gone for good. Some people claim that removing sweat glands is unhealthy, but as we are born with around 2 million of them all over the body, and it is only localised removal, you will still sweat normally elsewhere, and still be perfectly healthy.

During the treatment, your underarms will be numbed to reduce any discomfort you may feel, and cooling technology is used on the skin to keep it safe while heat energy precisely destroys the glands causing the problem. This usually takes around 90 minutes, and we generally recommend 2 treatments to ensure the best results for you, but your course of treatments will be planned out in an initial patient consultation with an assigned clinician at PHI Clinic. You will notice an immediate reduction in sweat, with results that, depending on the patient, should last for around 2 years.

Downtime is minimal, but your clinician may recommend avoiding vigorous exercise or activity for a few days following treatment. Some side effects are expected, like some soreness or swelling, but these are usually temporary; any worries about side effects that you have should be addressed during your initial patient consultation, as well as your hopes for the results from treatment, to allow us to understand both your wishes (so we can plan exactly how to treat you) and your fears (so we can hopefully allay them).

*statistics found at hyperhydrosis.com.au

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