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Deep Wrinkle Removal, London


Lines and wrinkles are synonymous with the ageing process, and factors such as sun exposure, stress and smoking contribute to the need for deep wrinkle removal.

While the inevitability of ageing cannot be cured, our clinical team at PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street have a range of treatments up their sleeves for deep wrinkles removal.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

The 8 Point Lift and MD Codes

deep Wrinkle Removal

Revolutionising the way we think about injectable treatments, The 8 Point Lift and MD Codes techniques utilise the most advanced dermal fillers from Juverderm to create subtle lifting, volume and structure.

Rather than adding weight to the problem area, our aesthetic doctors administer the injections at precise, strategised points of the face to restore the scaffolding for deep wrinkle removal.

Botox® for deep wrinkle removal

Anti-wrinkles injections have dominated the aesthetic industry for many decades now, and their popularity doesn’t appear to be faltering. There just hasn’t been another treatment to knock it off its pedestal.

Offering patients a subtle, natural-looking result that is lasting (around 3-4 months) but not permanent, there are many benefits to having Botox® treatment over, say, surgery.

As well as a restorative treatment, we also recommend botulinum toxin as a preventative measure, in some cases. By temporarily reducing the movement of our facial muscles, that in time create deep impressions on our skin. Botox® can mean that later on in life you still have that youthful complexion.

Laser Resurfacing

With the widest selection of lasers and devices in the UK, PHI Clinic is able to offer a multitude of options for any one condition. Laser resurfacing can itself be used to treat a range of skin concerns, including as acne scarring and burns. It also has the ability to treat superficial ageing, lines, and deep wrinkles.


This power couple of radio frequency and microneedling is a surefire way to transform sagging, deep wrinkled skin to be youthful and firm. Most patients will require 3-5 sessions of Infini treatment spaced at least 4 weeks apart. We advise against treatment if you are going to be exposed to the sun; but we will always guide you individually, every step of the way.


We advise all new patients to meet with one of clinicians to determine the best treatment. After your assessment, you will be given a tailored plan and outline of how many sessions you should require.

To schedule your consultation or to speak with a member of our in house team. Please call 0207 034 5999 or email us at info@phiclinic.com.

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