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Dermal Filler Lip Treatment

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Lip fillers are a hot topic, with seemingly every demographic seeing an increase in requesting the treatment, but as this increases, so do sensational headlines about these treatments going wrong. As there is more demand of lip treatment, we often see practitioners pop up that do not have the knowledge or capability to perform them safely, resulting in these negative results, and our recommendation at PHI is to always visit a practitioner who is medically trained, to reduce the chance of any unwanted side effects.

We are commonly asked what patients should expect after lip fillers, and have created this guide to make clear what you should expect following treatment.

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Immediately After Dermal Filler Lip Treatment

Following your lip augmentation, your lips may be numb. This is due to the Lidocaine in the products we use, which minimises any discomfort felt during treatment, but can result in some swelling in the area. You will notice a difference immediately but this will not be your final outcome, as the product takes time to settle and swelling to go down. You may notice bruising and lumps at first, but this will also settle as time passes and is completely normal.

However, if these lumps become hard and persist past 7-14 days, you should contact your practitioner, who can recommend an appropriate course of action.

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2-4 Weeks After Lip Fillers

We exclusively use Juvederm products, which contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar that retains water to increase volume. Your optimal results will be visible at 2-4 weeks after treatment, as the filler attracts water for this plumping effect.

We ask that our dermal filler lip treatment patients visit us for a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after initial treatment in order to take pictures and document the outcome, and discuss any concerns you may have with your treating clinician.

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More Information About Lip Treatment

For more information about lip augmentation, you can contact us on info@phiclinic.com or call our friendly team on 0207 034 5999.

You can read a testimonial from one of our previous patients here, and see even more results on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where we also post informational stories about all of our treatments.

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