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Dermal Filler Trend Sweeping The UK

Dermal Filler Trend Sweeping The UK

Public awareness of dermal fillers has increased in the last few years, as has use by every demographic, so with cosmetic treatments in the public eye, what has caused the current dermal filler trend?

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Dermal filler trend : Age

As ‘Baby Boomers’ get older, there is increasing resistance to appearing to have aged, and the boom in non-surgical alternatives to treatments like facelifts has opened up a new door for those who might not be ready to go under the knife just yet.

Millennials are also increasingly using non-surgical cosmetic treatments, that have immediately noticeable results, without the commitment of a surgical procedure. This is the generation who is most likely to shop around, and prefer instant but temporary measures over the deferred gratification of traditionally surgical treatments that have lengthy downtime attached.

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Dermal filler trend : Celebrity Influence

More and more celebrities are being open about having non-surgical treatments, like Kylie Jenner’s famous admission about using lip fillers that caused a dramatic spike in searches for the term on Google. With this newfound openness in the media about cosmetic treatments, people are more likely to want to emulate their favourite stars, or follow in an influencer’s steps to treat similar concerns.

While the current dermal filler trend, celebrities aren’t the only influence, but they are a prominent reason that younger women, in particular, are looking towards injectable treatments for aesthetic concerns.

New Products and Treatments - dermal fillers wrinkle injection london clinic

New Products and Treatments

The improvement in technologies and techniques in recent years with regards to non- and minimally-invasive procedures has made cosmetic medicine more affordable to the public, as well as introducing alternatives to traditionally surgical treatments.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

What used to have an associated downtime of at least 2 weeks, now has one of less than 2 days with non-surgical nose reshaping, which employs dermal fillers to correct problems like asymmetry and a pronounced dorsal hump.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Also called the ‘scalpel-free facelift’, it’s easy to see how this could appeal to those of us who are more resistant to treatments that incur lengthy downtime or scarring. Using a set of strategic injection points, the hyaluronic acid based solution can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore cheek volume, lessen jowling, and more.

Tear Trough Treatment

An alternative to lower lid blepharoplasty, tear trough treatment is suitable for people who have a pronounced tear trough or under eye bags. Dermal fillers are used to carefully fill the area, a procedure that requires extremely high levels of skill from a practitioner.

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