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Dermal Nose Fillers to Straighten your Nose

dermal nose fillers

The non-surgical cosmetic industry is, at times, astounding in its approach to treating indications, especially when we are talking dermal nose fillers. Whether it is reducing small stubborn pockets of fat, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles with Botox® and dermal fillers or to prevent excessive sweating by means of microwave technology.

Did you know that with the use of dermal fillers, doctors are now able to actually make your nose appear straighter or even smaller in some cases? Patient selection is very important and this is certainly not a treatment for everybody, but it can be particularly effective for people who are unhappy with the shape and size of their nose due to a bump at the bridge, a slight asymmetry due to a previous break or a misshapen nose from birth.

Dr Tapan Patel

Dr Tapan of PHI Clinic prides himself in creating natural non-surgical nose reshaping with the use of temporary dermal fillers. In previous years, there was no alternative other than surgical intervention in the form of a surgical rhinoplasty; however, as demonstrated in the picture below you can see that with subtle injections of dermal fillers within specific areas of the nose, you can correct a slight asymmetry in a way that no one would notice.

Rhinoplasty or Non-surgical Dermal Nose Fillers? The Pros and Cons


Surgical rhinoplasty will keep you out of action for at least 3-4 weeks
Non-surgical nose reshaping at PHI Clinic involves no downtime


Surgical treatment can as much as 8 times the price of non-surgical intervention.


Surgical rhinoplasty is permanent
Non-surgical nose reshaping lasts for up to 24 months

Claudia non surgical dermal nose fillers nose job
Due to the nature of the procedure and the area in which the treatment is performed, this treatment should only be performed by a highly skilled medical professional. Successful treatments can have longevity of up to 2 years and the results are very impressive.

There are some areas of nose reshaping that could not be done with a non-surgical procedure, so we would always advise you discuss expectations with your doctor and ensure that you are satisfied with the doctor’s approach and what he deems to be achievable. The doctor will show you images of previous patients’ results which have been achieved using the same method and by the same practitioner.

To discuss non-surgical nose reshaping treatment with a qualified practitioner at PHI Clinic, please contact us on 0207 034 5999 for a complimentary and confidential consultation.

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