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Endolift Skin Firming Treatment

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Endolift is a non-invasive skin firming procedure which can be used across the body to target excess fat and laxity. Despite loose skin being a natural default as we age, this may create self conscious concerns leading some to seek skin firming treatment.

Ageing leads to a loss in elastin and collagen, which can cause thinning and loose skin, as collagen is an essential protein that helps to keep the skin firm and refreshed.

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What Does Skin Firming Treatment Entail?

Endolift treatment uses single-use micro optical fibers which are easily inserted under the skin into the hypodermis. These fibers create microchannels which act as a light path in the skin, allowing the device to transmit laser energy more effectively to target water and fat in the body.

The purpose of the incision is to promote skin tightening and firming by retracting and reducing skin laxity, as throughout treatment, the laser energy encourages collagen production.

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Why Endolift?

Patients should expect to see visible results immediately after just one procedure, however your clinician may recommend a further session to achieve optimal results if needed. Local anaesthetic may be offered to some patients if required, but treatment will vary from person to person. As a result, little to no downtime is required with some patients able to return back to daily activities following on from treatment.

Who Is Endolift Best Suited For?

Endolift essentially targets the lower face, skin laxity and jowling (sagging skin along the jawline) and is particularly good for submental fat, commonly known as a small double chin. Whilst fat-freezing technology can freeze stubborn fat, there is not enough fat to treat under the chin, which is why Endolift is used to target this particular area.

Treatment time will vary depending on what area of the body will be treated, as Endolift treatment can take anything from 10 minutes to an hour.

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Why PHI Clinic London For Skin Firming Treatment?

Here at PHI Clinic London, we are a multi-award winning clinic that stands by satisfaction, by introducing the highest quality devices into the clinic to ensure the best results possible for our patients. Our team of highly skilled clinicians receive the highest degree of training and are updated continually on best practice.

To find out more about skin firming treatment with Endolift, book your consultation now by calling us on 02070345999 or to discuss the best treatment plan for you. Equally, follow us on social media to check out our amazing past patient journeys.

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