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The Evolution of Liposuction in the UK

The Evolution of Lipo in the UK

Liposuction techniques can be traced way back to even the 1920’s although these treatments didn’t have the success rate that we have today, nor were they safe or even properly tested. Due continued efforts to perfect the natural curves of the body we are left with the high end, technological advances of liposuction today.

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In 1982 the modern form of liposuction came onto the market. This was a suction assisted liposuction and in 1985 this treatment was updated so the procedure could be done under local anesthetic. Towards the end of the 1990s doctors introduced the use of ultrasound to dispose of the fatty deposits so that they could be removed more easily. These such advances and developments have led to the improvements in techniques that we have today. Techniques where fat can be removed more easily and with less pain, and other complications.

Liposuction has transformed in itself so that not only does it now offer the surgical option of fat removal there is also its counterpart of non surgical liposuction. These treatments offer various advantages and disadvantages but both offer excellent results assuming the procedure is being completed in a reputable clinic and by a professional. When having any form of procedure research is always paramount when deciding where to go and what to have done. If this process is overlooked then problems may occur.

Liposuction in the UK continues to be one of the most requested treatments on the market. Due to the high demand the research and devices for such procedures are constantly renewed and updated in order to achieve the best results possible. Despite being able to get rid of fatty deposits and eroding away unwanted fat cells liposuction has never been a substitute for weight loss. It has and should be considered an aid to remove stubborn areas of fat in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and good diet. If you are looking to achieve the best results this fact should be understood and practiced.

The UK now offers non surgical liposuction treatments which can be completed within 25 minutes. These treatments offer excellent results, no pain and little to no recovery time. This advance in procedures allows patients to achieve the body that they desire within a very short treatment time. Although the treatments have transferred across the globe and research has been completed most results will be best visible after a short period of time and not necessarily directly after the procedure.

As with any surgeries there are risks that need to be considered. These risks have greatly diminished since the beginning when liposuction was more of an ‘idea’ rather than a practiced treatment. However they should be discussed with you by the professional at your clinic. A health check would be necessary for most treatments to be undertaken.

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