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Eye Treatments for Bags

eye bag-treatments

We have all tried eye treatments for bags yet to form, so prevention is the key when we’re young. If we were ever to reflect upon the list of things that we were 100% certain we would never ever do in life, we will almost certainly see cosmetic surgery. I think we also all relate and completely understand the reasons for initially having this on a “don’t do” list. However, this list would have most likely been devised in my early 30s, and times have quite clearly changed. There are some very fortunate ‘thirty-somethings’ that are still able to maintain that youthful glow that we possess from the age of 16, but the majority of us are not blessed with eternal youth.

If such a list were to be redrafted at the tender age of 45 to 55, I am quite confident for many of us that we would think very differently.


Surgical procedures all carry their inherent risks and when most consider general anaesthetic the, potential cost (to our health and our bank accounts), seriously outweighs the value.

A Magical Feature

eye treatments for bags under eyes

An often overlooked and undervalued facial feature; a feature that possesses magical powers and speaks a language that no man will ever possibly be able to portray with words – the eyes.

But these bloody eye-bags – why?! I’ve seen people with them, but why do I have them? I’m well! I exercise and sleep well (most of the time), but now, even in my most alert states, I look tired around the eyes and dare I say it – old?

Non invasive eye treatments for bags

For those of us who are prepared to explore the world of injectable treatments and want the most effective eye treatments for bags, it is with the use of a HA dermal filler that this can be achieved. This treatment is a doctor-led procedure and is performed at the clinic by all of our doctors. Our doctors are highly qualified for this treatment and educate other doctors in the industry at how best to perform this; therefore, we are in the perfect position to provide you with a safe and effective solution to fixing your bags under the eyes.

Please see the image below showcasing a patient that has had non-surgical eye bag treatment with Dr Tapan Patel at London’s PHI Clinic:

under eye bags image


This indication can be progressive and without knowledge of the non-surgical treatment options available to people with the early signs of deep eye-bags, some patients with increased skin laxity may be more suitable for surgery. However, effective non-surgical eye treatment can significantly improve the appearance of the eyes without the need for invasive surgery.

Visit PHI Clinic at 102 Harley Street to assess your suitability for non-invasive eye treatments for bags.

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