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Eyelid Filler To Reduce Hollowing

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Upper eyelid hollowness is a common factor associated with ageing, as a loss in volume over time results in hollowing and the appearance of shadowing around the eye. Compared to surgical options, non-invasive eyelid filler treatments to reduce a hollow appearance are on the rise with little downtime required and results lasting up to 18 months.

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What Is Eyelid Filler?

Dr Tapan will use a needle to pierce the surface of the skin before using a long cannula to inject small amounts of filler into the hollow areas above the eye to restore volume. The use of a cannula is preferable for safety and precision, alongside minimising any swelling or bruising that may be caused from treatment.

This procedure should only ever be performed by a highly trained and experienced practitioner, given that the orbital area is very delicate. With an expertly trained practitioner, this ensures the procedure is carried out safely alongside achieving effective results.

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What Is The Best Filler For Hollow Eyes?

At PHI Clinic, Juvederm dermal fillers are used to treat upper eyelid hollowness, with Juvederm being the market leading brand produced by Allergan. The fillers contain high levels of hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar that naturally occurs within the body and integrates seamlessly. The hyaluronic acid gel restores volume to the upper eyelid as HA works to attract and retain water to fill the area.

Juvederm dermal fillers are expertly practiced by our highly skilled injectable doctors and nurses, taught in house by Dr Tapan himself. Dr Tapan is one of just 6 Global Key Opinion Leaders for Juvederm’s parent company Allergan.

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Who Will Be Injecting The Filler?

This treatment is exclusively performed by Dr Tapan at PHI Clinic. Dr Tapan uses this procedure to treat those who have lost volume within the upper eyelid creating the appearance of hollowness. Patients who have experienced hollowness around the upper eyelid since youth, may be at risk of receiving unnatural results with little bone structure support and may not be suitable. At PHI Clinic London, we believe in enhancing natural beauty, which is why we require an in-depth consultation with our highly qualified cosmetic doctors, to assess your suitability for treatment.

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Dermal Filler treatment consultation

To assess your suitability for treatment, book a consultation by calling 02070345999 or fill in our contact form on our website and one of our friendly team will get back to you.

To learn more about the treatments we have to offer here at PHI Clinic London, follow us on social media to browse our incredible past patient journeys.

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