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How to Get a Subtle Lift with Face Fillers, London

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Bad Press

Unfortunately, face fillers have a bad reputation due to tabloid stories about celebrities who have undone themselves with botch jobs. One only has to pick up a newspaper or magazine for evidence of this. And the truth is, there are a lot of bad injectors out there.

These treatments are unregulated in the UK, meaning anyone can perform them. That’s not to say that anyone can do justice with a needle – it really is an art form. Think of it this way: anyone can pick up a paintbrush and make some broad strokes on a canvas, but that does not make them the next Pablo Picasso, does it?

At PHI Clinic, we have one of the most highly-skilled and accredited injectors in Europe, Dr Tapan Patel, alongside his hand-picked team of exemplary doctors. As well as teaching on the international stage and training delegates from across the globe how to inject properly, Dr Tapan directs an online training platform, eMASTR, and a practical training masterclass, Academy 102. Thanks to Dr Tapan, bad face fillers are becoming a thing of the past – gone are duck lips and pillow faces!

Face Fillers : Innovation

At PHI Clinic, only the most advanced face fillers are used. The Juvéderm range from Allergan® is both durable, yet pliable. Unlike other products, the Juvéderm range stay positioned in the areas injected, and do not slip out of place. This means that the terrifying droopy eye/lip is eliminated, and patients benefit from treatment for up to 24 months. These products are innovative, containing lidocaine in order to simultaneously numb the treated area during the procedure.


Our aim is to educate patients and make sure they have all the information needed before undergoing face filler treatment. We wish to alter public opinion about injectables, and equally change the way the cosmetic industry uses these products, so that more injectors are skilfully treating patients.

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