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Fast Laser Hair Removal

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In the past, removing body hair has meant resorting to time-consuming and often uncomfortable methods like waxing and shaving to achieve smooth legs and underarms. More recently, lasers have become commonplace, but these could also offer some discomfort and lengthy treatment times. However, there is now a fast laser hair removal device, the Soprano Titanium, which reduces overall treatment time by as much as 40%.

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Soprano Titanium

The Soprano Titanium is the latest in cutting edge technology from Alma lasers, combining three wavelengths into one device in order to treat unwanted hair more effectively than ever. The new applicator head is also twice as large as that of its predecessors, at 4cm², causing a significant impact in the time taken to treat larger areas. It also has two applicator connectors, eliminating the need for delays between treating areas of different sizes.

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Fast Laser Hair Removal Technology

The Soprano Titanium combines three wavelengths that were previously used individually to treat more effectively than ever, the Diode Laser Alex 755NM, the Speed 810, and the Diode Laser Yag 1064. Together, these lasers allow for ultimate comfort, the treatment of a wider variety of hair types and colours, and the ability to treat patients with darker skin tones. The device can be safely used on skin types 1-6, and unlike other laser machines can even be used on tanned skin, though it cannot be used if fake tan is present on the skin.

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Lunch Hour Treatment

This fast laser hair removal treatment can be booked for your lunch hour, with absolutely no downtime, with some patients opting to book their Botox immediately followed by their Soprano session with minimal disruption to their daily routines. We always require a consultation to determine your suitability for treatment, and this can be booked by calling 0207 034 5999. Please be aware that a patch test will be needed prior to any treatment going ahead.

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