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Fat Freezing Treatment

Fat Freezing Treatment london

CoolSculpting was introduced to the UK in 2010, and has gone from strength to strength as a treatment ever since, releasing new applicators to target different problem areas, and becoming a celebrity and public favourite for reducing small areas of stubborn fat. As a fat freezing treatment, it works to target specific places on the body to contour for a smoother silhouette.

How does fat freezing work? - Fat Freezing Treatment harley street london

How does fat freezing work?

Fat cells are much more sensitive to changes in temperature, and low temperatures, than other types of tissue, so when they are exposed to the cold in a controlled manner (through cryolipolysis), they are broken down in a process called apoptosis. The body then flushes these out naturally for targeted reduction of fat in specific areas. In a fat freezing treatment, it is not just important for the area to be cooled, but also how quickly it does so, for ‘selective lipolysis,’ which ensures no negative side effects for other tissue. Also equipped with technology that closely monitors skin temperature, the device ensures that treatment is safe.

How effective is fat freezing? - Fat Freezing Treatment best clinic london

How effective is fat freezing?

With a 79% satisfaction rate on realself.com, CoolSculpting is one of the most effective non-surgical fat reduction treatments, and can be used on a variety of areas, as an alternative to traditional surgical liposuction, or in its own right for non-invasive fat reduction without copious downtime. One treatment can be enough to see results, which are usually visible between 6 and 12 weeks following the procedure, but your practitioner may recommend multiple cycles as a solution to your individual concerns.

Is a fat freezing treatment suitable for weight loss?

This is a fat reduction treatment, rather than a weight loss treatment, and should be viewed as such. Though you might see no change in weight following CoolSculpting, results suggest that patients lose between 1 and 5cms in the treated area, leading to a more contoured appearance, even if this is not reflected in weight.

shift areas of stubborn fat - best Fat Freezing Treatment london

shift areas of stubborn fat

With a variety of applicators that can be used to reduce fat on the stomach, back, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, hips, above the knees, and below the buttocks, there are more treatment options than ever, customisable to the individual. This treatment is recommended for those who are finding it difficult to shift areas of stubborn fat with a balanced diet and exercise regime alone, and not as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle.

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