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FDA Approved Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a bugbear that as many as 90% of women and 20% of men will experience in the course of their lifetime. Cellulite is more prevalent in women, due largely to gender differences in the way female and male bodies store fat. However, with our FDA approved cellulite treatment, Cellfina, the appearance of these dimples can be reduced in just one minimally invasive treatment.

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What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is a perfectly natural phenomenon that is caused by fibrous bands called septae. Adipose tissue (fat) bulging around these septae, which act like anchors between skin and underlying tissue, causes the appearance of the dimples that so many of us know.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this condition is not caused by ill health or being overweight, but happens entirely naturally, and can be hereditary. While diet and exercise can reduce this appearance, it may not be enough to banish the dimples completely.

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FDA Approved Cellulite Treatment

At PHI Clinic we use Cellfina by Merz, an FDA approved cellulite treatment, to reduce the appearance of this “orange peel” skin. Cellfina is solely offered by our resident consultant, Mr Apul Parikh, who has performed hundreds of these procedures since the clinic’s opening in 2014.

The minimally invasive treatment involves snipping selected septae to relieve the dimples, with clinical results that last for as long as 3 years. Treatment time is usually as little as 45-60 minutes, and results are visible as early as two weeks after your procedure. Cellfina has a 74% satisfaction on RealSelf, with many positive reviews from previous patients.

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Consultation At PHI Clinic

For more information about an FDA approved cellulite treatment, you can contact us on [email protected]. All treatments at PHI require a prior consultation with an appropriate clinician to assess suitability, you can book this by calling us on 0207 034 5999.

You can find our Cellulite FAQs blog here, or follow us on Instagram for informative stories and highlights.

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