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How To Get Plump Lips

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Trends recently have swayed towards a full pout but with influencers like Kylie Jenner, known for her plump lips, dissolving their fillers, it seems that natural lips are now en vogue.

Our focus at PHI has always been on small enhancements that produce subtle but effective results for every patient.

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Plump Lips For Everyone

2017 was awash with celebrities and the public seeking bigger, more defined lips, turning to trends like suction-based lip enhancers, which left people with bright red marks around their mouths as well as more severe indications like bruising, swelling, and permanent scarring).

‘Overlining’ also exploded into mainstream popularity as men and women alike drew on more voluptuous vermillion borders, and so did dermal fillers for those seeking a more lasting solution to thin lips. Of course, lip fillers have been used for years, but this trend attracted a new wave of interest, with some clinics seeing their lip enhancement procedure enquiries more than double.

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Dissolving Lip Fillers

Now, with every news outlet covering Kylie’s lip journey, it seems that 2018 has become the year of the natural looking pout. The starlet had her fillers ‘removed,’ or dissolved, using a substance called hyaluronidase. This enzyme, when injected into the lips, breaks down the synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA) that makes up most modern dermal fillers, leaving your natural HA alone.

The injection can be administered in a short treatment, and carries the same risks as dermal fillers themselves, with results taking 3-4 days to show.

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Full Lips At PHI

At PHI Clinic, we remain firm believers in subtle lip enhancement, providing natural augmentation results for those who are seeking plump lips. As well as this, we provide corrective procedures for those seeking a solution to lip asymmetry, defects, age-related volume loss, and Cupid’s bow definition.

We prefer to under treat in the lips to avoid harsh or exaggerated looks, and always invite our patients to come for a follow up consultation a few weeks after treatment, at which point you can request for more product to be added if necessary.

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Get Full Lips

Achieving plump lips that looks natural and balanced is easy with our highly trained injectors, who train with our medical director Dr Tapan Patel, who is one of the best cosmetic injectors in the world.

To book a consultation with one of our dermal filler practitioners, you can contact us on 0207 034 5999 or info@phiclinic.com. To see previous results as well as informative stories about lip fillers and more, head to our Instagram page.

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