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How to Get Rid of Love Handles

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Far from the cutesy name they’re given, ‘love handles’ (the area around your waist, just above the hips) can be a real stubborn area to shift that unwanted fat. To get rid of love handles through exercise and diet alone can be quite tricky for some as they are a genetic trait, therefore almost unavoidable.

Beyond exercise and a healthy diet, what else is there for fat removal? Fortunately, there are constant advancements in technologies, meaning that surgery is no longer the only option for those wishing to get rid of love handles.

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Non-Surgical Love Handle Treatment

PHI Clinic houses some of the most state of the art devices, which not only eliminate the need for surgery in most cases but also deliver highly effective results.

Cryolipolysis is a method which has been used and tested extensively for many years. It is a technique which freezes sensitive fat cells to below zero temperatures to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

PHI Clinic is proud to introduce the superior CoolSculpting® device from Allergan, which adopts cryolipolysis technology, whilst ensuring the utmost patient safety at all times. With its built in Freeze Detect®, CoolSculpting® safely delivers controlled cooling to the treated area.

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Tailored Treatment For You

In order to determine how many sessions you will need, and how effective the treatment will be for you personally, it is essential that a member of our clinical staff sees you prior to treatment. Being located in the heart of London’s medical district, on Harley Street, PHI Clinic is central and easy to get to for many.

As well as our great location, we also have trained administrative staff who can look after any form of enquiry you may have, and assist you with booking your consultation and treatment. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ sort of clinic, and because of this, every patient is treated as an individual. Each and every person has specific requirements and needs, which we will aim to address in a bespoke service.

The treatment room itself is calm and relaxing, allowing you to sit or lie back in comfort during the procedure. We have a television and music for you to watch and listen to during your treatment.

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Reduce The Appearance Of Love Handles

For more information or to schedule a consultation to discuss love handle reduction with CoolSculpting®, please contact us on 02070345999. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact page and one of our friendly team will get back to you at your convenience.

To find out more about PHI Clinic, you can visit us on social media.

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