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How To Get Rid Of Neck Fat

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At PHI we have the perfect non-surgical, non-invasive methods to get rid of neck fat and tighten the skin, leaving you with an exquisitely shaped profile.

CoolSculpting Mini uses cryolipolysis to remove fat cells from your neck and chin. The frozen fat cells are excreted from your body naturally via the lymphatic drainage system and do not grow back.

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Get Rid of Neck Fat With CoolSculpting

The Coolsculpting Mini pack is applied directly under the chin area, however, the surface skin is left unaffected by treatment and remains perfectly intact. The unique Freeze Detect® setting on the device allows our highly skilled medical staff to monitor the temperatures of the applicator, and to ensure the safe delivery of the treatment.

The Mini targets submental fat underneath the chin, with results noticeable with as few as two treatments, for a more contoured and slimline neck. Cryolipolysis is a superb alternative to liposuction and surgery, allowing our patient to get rid of neck fat while avoiding invasive treatments and the associated pain and downtime.

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Loose Neck Skin Tightening

Following your Coolsculpting procedure, you may find that, depending on various factors such as age and length of time you had a double chin for, the removal of fat has left the skin slightly saggy. At PHI Clinic we offer an impressive selection of skin tightening treatments for the face and neck. This means we can perfectly tailor our technologies to each and every patient, offering only what we believe will provide the best results for you.

Ultrasound technology targets the dermis of the skin, producing heat energy to stimulate collagen production. Over time, the skin becomes firmer and lifts, without the need for surgery.

Radio-Frequency is capable of treating various depths of the skin’s tissue, disrupting the collagen fibres to trigger the body’s natural healing process. This in turn firms the skin over a period of time, which gives an overall tightening and lifting effect, as well as improving the skin’s appearance on the surface.

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Neck fat reduction london

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