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Get Summer Ready with PHI’s Spirithoula Koukoufikis

Get Summer Ready PHI Clinic

Summer Ready?

We Brits know how to make the most of summer; after all, it’s very short-lived over here! So while you are organising for your holidays and taking that well-deserved break, why not indulge further in a little therapy to dust off the cobwebs and get summer-ready in style?

PHI Clinic is located at 102 Harley Street, London, and offers the widest range of treatments – both surgical and non-surgical – in the UK. With over 40 lasers and devices, we really are the ‘it’ place for remedying those bugbears.

Spirithoula Koukoufikis (or ‘SK’ to patients) brings her own stock of sunshine, treating patients with an array of concerns and skin indications, such as rosacea, hyperhidrosis, acne, scarring, unwanted hair, thread veins and much more.

Being one of our longest-standing Aestheticians, SK has a great rapport with patients, making them feel confident and at ease before treatment. And even if you’re not jet-setting this year, you can get summer ready and pretend you’re in SA while you lie back and relax!

SK treats:

  • Pigmentation
  • Lax skin
  • Unwanted fat
  • Hair
  • Rosacea and thread veins
  • Excessive sweating
  • Skin concerns
  • Acne scars
  • Acne
  • Open pores
  • Dull, tired-looking skin

SK performs:

How do I book?

To get summer ready and schedule your consultation with SK this August, please contact the clinic on 0207 034 5999, and a member of the in-house team will discuss availability and assist you with any further questions. Alternatively, you can contact us through our enquiry form on the website, or email us directly on info@phiclinic.com to find out more information about any of our treatments.

Please note that we do not perform same-day treatments, and require a minimum of 24 hours between consultation and any procedure, in order for every patient to have adequate time to think about the information discussed within the initial appointment.

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