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Summer is almost here which means we may have to lose that extra layer of warmth that’s kept our legs warm this winter, by beginning to look into laser hair removal. Whilst body hair is natural, for most people this may cause conscious concerns for some, especially during the summer months.

There are many quick fixes to hair removal from waxing, threading, tweezing and shaving, however these methods can lead to ingrown hairs that aggravate the skin and can cause hyperpigmentation. There’s nothing worse and more painful than those red aggravated bumps or razor cuts that we’re left with, when looking for a quick fix to remove any annoying body hair.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal directly targets the root of the problem. Hair follicles are located underneath the skin in the form of a bulb or root. Treatment involves applying concentrated flashes of light energy to the target area; this light is absorbed by the pigment in hair and converts into heat energy which targets the follicle to stop or delay growth of new hair.

Whilst this form of hair removal can show lasting results, laser hair removal is not a permanent solution. However, many patients have reported they have seen a reduction in hair growth within the treated area from continued treatments.

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What You Need To Know Before Treatment


When preparing for your laser hair removal treatment, it is important to remember to shave the area of concern approximately 24 hours before treatment, to prevent hair on the service of the skin from absorbing most of the laser energy. However, for the initial patch test, patients would not need to prepare the area, as this will be done by one of our clinicians.


Melanin is a skin pigment that research has found, can help to protect the skin from UV rays. Waxing removes the hair from the roots and can remove melanin from the skin which the laser works on during hair removal treatment. As a result, we request that our patients should not wax but to shave prior to treatment.

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Treatment At PHI Clinic London

Here at PHI Clinic we use the gold standard in devices to deliver faster results in a safe manner, compared to other devices. Get in touch via our contact page for further information on how to book a consultation to see how PHI Clinic London can help you.

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