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Grades of cellulite and options for treatment

Cellulite is extremely common and we are seeing more and more patients seeking the innovative cellulite treatment we offer at PHI Clinic.

Cellulite is classed in grades (zero, one, two or three) and also comes in two variations (hard or soft) which can be diagnosed by a doctor.

Grade Zero – The skin feels and looks smooth with no visible cellulite, even when the skin is pinched.

grade 1 cellulite

Grade One – Cellulite only becomes noticeable when skin is pinched but smooth when standing.

Grade 2 Celulite

Grade Two – Cellulite is visible when patient is standing, but disappears when they lie down horizontally.

Grade 3 celulite

Grade Three – Cellulite is clearly visible; the skin appears dimpled whether patient is standing or sitting down, and more so when the skin is pinched.

Soft Cellulite – Soft cellulite often affects larger areas of the body and can be more noticeable because it is saggier and seems to ‘move around’ a bit. It is also more noticeable because it does not attach itself to your muscle, but as it is closer to the surface this makes soft cellulite easier to treat.

Hard Cellulite – Hard cellulite is much tougher to get rid of than soft cellulite because it sits closer to, or even on the muscle. It tends to be harder to see and occurs more often in athletic bodies. It is a more concentrated variation of cellulite and can be sensitive when touched.

What are the options for removing cellulite?

There are many products and treatments available on the market that promise they can remove your cellulite, but for most of them there is little evidence to back up their claims:

Cellulite creams are said to dissolve fat and smooth your skin, but there is no evidence for their efficacy. Liposuction is another option, but liposuction is supposed to remove deep fat – not cellulite; in fact, in some cases it is likely that liposuction could actually worsen your cellulite. Mesotherapy has been known to treat cellulite, and although it can improve the appearance of cellulite, the results are only slight. Massage and spa treatments may have an immediate affect on the dimply appearance of your skin, but they will not help with cellulite. Laser treatment is your best option for removing and improving cellulite, and we are proud to offer the newest and most advanced treatment available to our patients at PHI Clinic.


Cellulaze is an anti-cellulite laser by Cynosure that we have available to our patients at PHI Clinic. Mr Hassan Shabaan is the first laser plastic surgeon in the UK to offer this innovative treatment.

Many other anti-cellulite treatments treat cellulite superficially by applying treatment onto the skin’s surface; Cellulaze targets and attacks the structural issues beneath your skin that cause the cellulite. Whilst treating the fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface, Cellulaze also thickens and adds elasticity to the skin.

Cellulaze at PHI Clinic

If you would like to find out more about Cellulaze for treatment of your cellulite, then come to visit Mr Hassan Shaaban at PHI Clinic. We are situated at 102, Harley Street, which is perfectly located at the heart of London’s medical district.

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