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Gummy Smile Treatment

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When we smile, we bare our teeth. Some people also bare their gums, due to an indication that is called excessive gingival display, or a gummy smile. Gummy smile treatment is one of our staple procedures here at PHI Clinic. We see so many patients seeking a reduction in the appearance of a gummy smile, where the upper lip lifts higher than it should, revealing gum tissue above the teeth.

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Gummy Smile Treatment With Botox

In a gummy smile treatment we use injections of botulinum toxin to reduce the action of the levator labii superioris, the muscle that is responsible for lifting the top lip during expressions like smiles and laughter. Introducing a small amount of Botox into the muscle temporarily relaxes it, with results that last for three to four months.

We see this as an ongoing treatment, and recommend supplementary sessions every three to five months to maintain outcomes.

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Highly Skilled Injectors

Each of our doctors and injectable nurses is highly trained in performing Botox treatments to a high standard, and regularly attend both in house and external training to hone and refine their skills for consistently great outcomes for every patient who walks through our doors.

Every clinician has been personally handpicked by our medical director, Dr Tapan Patel, who is a world-renowned injector and Global Key Opinion leader for Allergan, the company that manufactures Botox products.

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Consultation At PHI Clinic

Before we provide any treatment at PHI Clinic, we require a consultation with an appropriate clinician to assess your needs. This provides you with a chance to discuss your expectations and ask any questions you have. After one of our injectable practitioners has assessed you and found you suitable for Botox, they will book your treatment at a time and date that suits you.

Consultations cost £50 with our injectable nurses and £125 for our doctors, a fee that is redeemable against the price of any treatment you go on to have, with the exception of consultation with Dr Tapan, which costs a non-redeemable £195.

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