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Hand Treatments Targeting Volume Loss

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To target volume loss, the most effective tool for hand treatments in our non-surgical kit is dermal filler, and the results are instant. By numbing the hands with local anaesthetic cream and injecting a suitable filler into the hands – most commonly, a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler – we immediately create volume in the skin, softening and disguising tell-tale veins and tendons. This is usually performed over one or two treatment sessions, maintained annually.

Benefits of Filler Hand Treatments

The added benefit of a HA filler is that one of its mechanisms is to attract water, thus producing a hydrating plumping effect. For younger hands that are more dehydrated than lacking in volume, we can opt for skin-boosters which utilise the hydrating function of HA, restoring hydrobalance, secondary to building volume, toning and revitalising thin skin. This is usually carried out as a course of three treatments over one to three months, with maintenance carried out at six months.

To address lax and “crepey” skin, we turn to micro-needling in the form of derma-roller. This hand treatment uses a controlled injury to trigger wound healing, which wakes everything up by encouraging an abundance of growth factors to repair the skin, without traumatising it. When you cut yourself, ultimately fresh collagen and elastin will be laid down, and it is this process that derma-roller harnesses. The hands are numbed with a local anaesthetic cream, sanitised and then rollered, the whole process taking approximately one hour. There may be some redness, heat and tightness to the skin following hand treatments, but this is short-lived, lasting an average of a day or two and not compromising movement.

The best hand treatment results are seen with a course of three treatments, approximately six weeks apart with an annual freshener if required.

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