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Have You Heard Of The Liquid Nose Job?

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Focal Points

Our noses are somewhat of a focal point of our faces, so any bumps, scrapes, and kinks are highly visible. Whether you have incurred injuries or were simply born with a nose that is causing you some concern, there is a revolutionary treatment for you that avoids the need for surgery – yes, that’s less downtime, no scalpel, no scarring and no need for anaesthetic! It is called the ‘liquid nose job’.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, a.k.a. The Liquid Nose Job

Claudia non surgical nose job

Brides magazine’s Claudia Waterson’s liquid nose job with Dr Tapan Patel at PHI Clinic, London

By introducing a precise amount of HA based dermal filler, Dr Tapan Patel can improve the appearance of the nose without resorting to surgical rhinoplasty. Having treated thousands of patients for this indication over the last 17 years he has practised aesthetic medicine, Dr Patel is an authority on this advanced dermal filler technique.

Sophisticated Dermal Filler

Not only are Dr Patel’s skills commendable, he only uses the most refined and sophisticated dermal fillers on the market: the VYCROSS™ range from Allergan. These products are made up of hyaluronic acid – not as scary as it sounds – which is a naturally-occurring molecule found within our bodies. Its job is to attract and retain water, but its levels diminish as we age, like collagen. The scientists of Allergan have worked hard to create formulated molecular chains of HA that can be used as a dermal filler, adding both structure and volume to the injected site.

Long-Lasting, Not Permanent

Because HA is a natural substance, the body will naturally break the filler down over time, but they last 12-18 months on average. So-called ‘permanent fillers’ can be damaging and if the patient is unsatisfied with the result, the only way to reverse the effects is surgery. Therefore, by using HA fillers, we can ensure longevity of results, while the patient’s control remains intact. A simple procedure can easily reverse the appearance of HA facial fillers, if necessary.

A consultation is essential to discuss your suitability for treatment, medical history, and to assess the degree of results that can be achieved with treatment. Dr Patel carries out non-surgical nose augmentation consultations and treatments at PHI Clinic, with his colleagues, Dr Apul Parikh, Dr Nestor Demosthenous, and occasionally Dr Johanna Ward.

If you would like more information on dermal filler and non-surgical rhinoplasty, or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us on 0207 034 5999 today.

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