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A History of Harley Street

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Grandeur and Opulence

Harley Street was built in the Eighteenth Century, illustrating the opulence and grandeur of Georgian architecture, with its large town houses, sash windows and stately marble entrances.

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Hub of Medical Excellence

The luxuriousness of the buildings’ design, the central location, and the extremely good transport links, soon attracted medical professionals and doctors to the area, who then began to treat patients from their homes. By 1914, there were around 200 doctors practicing down the street. The blue plaques which pepper the walls of Harley Street, including the likes of Sir Henry Thompson, Dr Edward Bach and Florence Nightingale, serve as a reminder of its rich and brilliant history.


New Beginnings

Nowadays, Harley Street is renowned globally for being a hub of medical excellence and innovation. PHI Clinic is no exception, offering the widest range of treatments in the UK, if not Europe, and housing the most diverse, knowledgeable and experienced clinical team.

Drawing on the standards set by the inspiring historical figures who once worked down Harley Street, PHI aims to provide phenomenal care for all patients. We are driven to remain at the forefront of the medical field, continually educating ourselves and researching pioneering treatments and procedures.

Aesthetic Doctor and Medical Director of PHI Clinic, Dr Tapan Patel, performs a plethora of non-surgical treatments for a wide range of indications and conditions. Specialising in treating patients of colour, treatments for scars, laser procedures and injectable treatments, Dr Patel is a highly accredited and respected figure in aesthetic medicine. His handpicked team are a credit to the industry, and all show great dedication to constantly improving their skills for safer, more effective treatments for every patient who walks through our doors.

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To find out more about the clinic and what treatments are available, please call 0207 034 5999 today or email info@phiclinic.com.

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