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Hyperhidrosis treatment for cosmetic purposes

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Historic treatments for excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is a condition that affects many of us in the UK. Historically, the most common solutions for excessive perspiration and underarm sweat patches are good anti-perspirants, dark clothing, spare shirts and in the more serious cases botox and surgery can be effective hyperhidrosis treatment(s).

How is the life of someone who suffers with hyperhidrosis affected?

People who suffer with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can experience awkward and embarrassing situations when sweat patches appear at work or social events. We do not only perspire due to heat; some of us sweat due to nerves, and this becomes a vicious circle when we sweat because we are nervous, and then we become nervous because we know we are sweating. Excessive perspiration does not only occur around the underarm area either; it also commonly affects sufferers on the hands and feet, which can cause discomfort and embarrassment just as much as sweat patches in the armpits. In some extreme cases, suffering with hyperhidrosis can cause patients to become depressed and self-conscious. At PHI Clinic, we are experienced in treating hyperhidrosis and want to help our patients to feel comfortable in all social situations.

miraDry – an effective solution for hyperhidrosis at PHI Clinic

miraDry is the most advanced, FDA approved solution to significantly reduce underarm sweat worldwide. The treatment works by delivering controlled electromagnetic energy to the patient’s underarm area, which eliminates the sweat glands. For best results, the treatment is administered in two appointments that last roughly about an hour long and are spaced three months apart. Our highly skilled team at PHI Clinic are experts in hyperhidrosis treatment, and we are very pleased to offer miraDry as an option for our patients that suffer with excessive sweating.

Why should you visit PHI Clinic for hyperhidrosis treatment?

At PHI Clinic, our specialist practitioners are highly experienced in all non-surgical hyperhidrosis treatment. When you visit us for your Free consultation, the practitioner will discuss all options that are available to you, and then assess which treatment will be best suited to your individual condition. Our newest solution for hyperhidrosis is miraDry, but we also offer botox and other popular, effective treatments.

miraDry at PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street, London, UK

PHI Clinic is situated in a beautiful building over 4 floors at 102, Harley Street, right in the heart of the medical district. We have a laser and theatre floor, a non-surgical floor, a beautiful training facility and a patient support floor – all positioned in a comfortable, 5-star setting.

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