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Improving The Aesthetics Industry

At PHI Clinic, one of our core beliefs is that continued professional development has a pivotal role in maintaining standards, especially in the aesthetics industry, which is widely unregulated.

We are involved in a number of processes to ensure constant improvement within the industry, including our team-led PHI-days, which happen once every quarter in order to increase the happiness of our staff, iron out problems that arise, and learn more about the latest technologies. These training days are as vital for you as they are for us, to keep our knowledge up to date and learn from each other to hone our skills. We have held workshops on Botox®, dermal fillers, and our other treatments on past PHI-days, often inviting treatment or condition specialists and other doctors to come and show us their techniques and share their expertise.

Non surgical excellence

Our highly experienced doctors are often invited to lecture on or speak about their specialisms on both national and international stages, including the recent FACE conference, at which Dr Tapan Patel, and Dr Nestor Demosthenous were all invited to talk about using injectables in conjunction with other treatments to treat signs of ageing.

The next step

At PHI, unsatisfied with resources for cosmetic practitioners like us, Dr Patel set up a venture that we call Clari-PHI. Within this, we invite registered practitioners to come together to form a network of professionals aiming to raise the bar, as well as having the opportunity to discuss problems or obstacles they face. This has been widely successful in providing doctors, nurses, and dentists with both support from other professionals and resources and training to improve what we know can be a dangerous industry for the public.

Continued professional development is vital in almost any industry, but especially important in one that is unregulated, in order to provide every client with the best possible consultations, treatment options, and after care. Quality patient care is the foundation that keeps us steady, and we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure the satisfaction of every person we come into contact with as we continue to grow. One of our commandments is No Compromise, which we stick to vehemently; we will never treat anyone with a substandard technique or device. You can be sure with PHI that every step we take is taken with your satisfaction and health in mind.

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