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Jawline Slimming – An Introduction

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Our masseter muscles are very useful, there’s no denying that, as they are active when chewing food. But when they become overactive or overused they can cause problems, like a wide jaw. This can be an issue for women in particular, due to a wide or square jaw being seen as an overtly masculine trait, thus forming our jawline slimming introduction.

Jawline Slimming Introduction: Causes

The main causes of a wide jaw can be broken down into 3 categories: bone, muscle, and both.


The mandibular bone, or lower jaw, is different in everybody, and some people can have an enlarged mandible due to developmental or congenital causes, or, in extreme cases, disorders like acromegaly, in which parts of the body can grow or enlarge. When a wide jaw is caused by a large mandible, Botox® is ineffective as a treatment, and surgical options should be considered.


When the masseter muscle is overexercised, it does what any muscle does and becomes larger. This can be caused by Bruxism – excessive teeth grinding or clenching, which can happen while awake and while asleep. Habitually chewing on gum, chewing the end of a pen, or biting your nails can also have this effect, enlarging the muscle to create a square look to the jaw. This can be treated with targeted injections of Botox® to the area.

Bone and Muscle

When bone and muscle are both responsible for a wide jaw, the problem can be treated by Botox® or surgical options, but you should consult a doctor in order to pick the most appropriate option for you. Using Botox to slim the jawline has been becoming more and more popular in recent years, with celebrities like Bethenny Frankel opening up about her experience of using the injectable to reduce the appearance of a wide jaw caused by teeth grinding. Botox is a brand name of the neurotoxin Botulinum Toxin Type A, manufactured by Allergan, and is used to selectively paralyse certain muscles for a range of purposes, including wrinkle reduction, slimming of the jaw, and even reduce sweating.

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