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Laser Hair Removal for Back

Unwanted Hair?

In certain places, hair can be undesirable and hard to reach. Back hair, in particular, is almost impossible to get rid of yourself, unless you have extendable arms. And who wants to ask their partners and loved ones to help them out with something like that?

Not Just For Women

And despite what you may think; treatment is not just for women. In fact, we see a vast amount of male patients for laser hair removal which is ever-growing in number. Male patients tend to go for laser hair removal over traditional methods of hair removal due to long-lasting results, lack of fuss and relatively low pain during treatment.

Laser Hair Removal for Back, at PHI Clinic, London

At PHI Clinic, London, we offer the most advanced laser hair removal treatment, with two gold-standard devices: the Gentlemax Pro and the Palomar Vectus. The Gentlemax Pro is better suited for darker skin types, and is both effective and comfortable. The Vectus, on the other hand, is powerful and quick due to its larger headpiece, meaning hair removal can be fuss-free and can even be done in between your day-to-day routine.


Highly-trained Clinicians

At PHI Clinic, we believe in providing safe, quality treatment, alongside a five star service. We house the most advanced devices and treatments in Europe, offering multiple choices for any one condition or concern.

The clinical staff at PHI Clinic are trained extensively in laser, regularly performing laser hair removal for back. They frequently treat a full list of patients wishing to remove unwanted hair, and also train with the country’s leading specialists to reflect PHI’s core values of safe, effective treatment. So instead of hiding your body or feeling self-conscious about unwanted hair, you can get one of our lovely clinicians to remove it for you while you relax.

Consultation and Patch Test

All that is required of you is a consultation to discuss your medical history, and a patch test to make sure you won’t react to the device, at least 48 hours before treatment. Then you are all set to get those troublesome hairs zapped!

To book your consultation and patch test, please call 0207 034 5999.

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