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Laser Resurfacing for Acne Scars

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Around 80% of 11-30 years olds are affected by acne, and if the pustules and spots are picked, squeezed or scratched, carters and scars may be left as a result. Adult acne is also a common occurrence, primarily found in women. Although 99% of cases are on the face, sufferers may have this problem on the back or other body parts, too.


There are different types of acne scars, most commonly referred to as ice-pick, rolling scars or boxcar scars. You may have just one type of scar, or a combination of all these scars.

  • Ice-pick Scars – Small in circumference but deep holes in the skin’s surface
  • Rolling Scars – Scar tissue forming under the skin, creating a wave-like effect
  • Boxcar Scars – Crater-like holes in the skin

Treatments for acne scars vary, depending on the severity of the indication, the type of scars presented and the suitability of the candidate. A consultation must be carried out initially to assess the best possible treatment plan for you as an individual.

If laser resurfacing for acne scars is a viable option for you, this will only ever be carried out by one of our expert doctors. Using both ablative (removes layers of skin) and non-ablative resurfacing devices, our doctors can work to create controlled trauma to the area to help uniform the skin. You may need one or several sessions of treatment to see a result, but this will be discussed and agreed upon consultation.

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As well as laser resurfacing, we have just under 45 lasers and non-surgical devices at our 102 Harley Street location. Out of these devices, about a third treat acne scarring alone. This means that for just one indication, you have multiple avenues of treatment to explore – these may vary in cost, downtime, the amount of sessions needed and intensity. It is always important to have a consultation based on your indication, rather than to have a set treatment in mind, as it might not be the most beneficial treatment for your condition.

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For assistance with scheduling an appointment or for more information about the services we provide here at PHI Clinic, please call us on 0207 034 5999 at your earliest convenience.

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