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Laser Resurfacing Recovery Time

Laser resurfacing is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can be used for various effects, including general skin rejuvenation, improvement in tone, texture, and quality, and specific concerns like scarring and wrinkles. While our devices are non-invasive and do not require lengthy downtime, some of these treatments do have a healing period that should be observed. This information will be supplied to you following an in depth consultation with an appropriate clinician, but can be found below for laser resurfacing recovery time list.

Laser treatments are safe and effective alternatives to more invasive options like surgery, but can be used in ablative procedures to address severe conditions like deep burns or scars. Most lasers work by attacking and removing damaged skin cells to create a “controlled wound”, which is healed by the body’s natural processes for improve collagen production and healthy cell renewal to refresh skin.

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Laser Resurfacing Recovery Time

Erbium YAG
The Erbium YAG laser has an associated downtime of 3 days, followed by 3 weeks of possible redness and swelling. The laser can be used to reduce the appearance of scarring and discolouration, as well as lines and wrinkles on the face, including smoker’s lines around the mouth.

Lase MD
Lase MD is a cosmeceutical laser, and carries no downtime. The treatment involves creating microchannels in the skin that improve absorption of topical serums, including Vitamins A and C.

The M22 uses multiple technologies to address a variety of indications across the face and body. This treatment has no downtime, and minimal swelling and redness.

Excel V
The Excel V is a green laser which can be used to target vascular indications including rosacea. There is no downtime associated, though patients may experience some swelling or redness.

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Palomar icon
The Palomar Icon is used to treat stretch marks, vascular concerns, and as a hair removal treatment. There is no downtime associated with the Icon, but patients may experience some swelling or redness in the treated area for a few days.

The VBeam uses pulses of light delivered to the surface of skin to address vascular issues without damaging surrounding tissues. While you may experience some redness, there is little to no downtime associated with this treatment.

CO2 laser
Downtime for the CO2 laser can vary depending on whether the setting used is ablative or non-ablative. CO2 laser resurfacing includes ACTIVE FX, TOTAL FX, SCAAR FX, and DEEP FX, each of which is used for different indications. The CO2 laser can be used on small indications for rejuvenation or bigger concerns, like severe scarring.

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Consultation At PHI Clinic

Before we perform any treatment at PHI, we require a consultation to assess your unique needs. During this consultation, you will have the chance to discuss your expectations with your clinician, who can advise the best course of treatment for you and advise the laser resurfacing recovery time you should expect.

You can book your consultation by contacting us on 0207 034 5999, or find out more by emailing us on info@phiclinic.com. You can also find results and previous patient journeys on our Instagram.

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