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Is There A Lasting Vaginal Laxity Treatment?

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Let’s discuss a little spoken of, yet common, complaint experienced by women, what is vaginal laxity and why do many women seek a lasting vaginal laxity treatment? For many women, vaginal laxity is not just a health issue but also impacts their self-esteem, and unfortunately, a significant number of women prefer not to discuss it even with their peers.

Vaginal laxity refers to a “looseness” in the vagina, and women with this condition often lose sexual fulfilment because they experience less vaginal sensation during intercourse. The problem is caused primarily by a reduction in estrogen production that causes the vaginal muscles to become thinner and less elastic, resulting in laxity as the vaginal canal and surrounding tissues gradually lose their strength and structure.

"Loose Vagina" Causes and Symptoms

The condition can be age-related because, as time passes, our muscles and tendons in the pelvic area weaken and offer less support to the vagina and other pelvic organs. This factor is why vaginal laxity is often accompanied by urinary incontinence. Natural childbirth can also cause vaginal laxity and pregnancy-related pelvic floor issues. Even women who have C-section deliveries can experience changes to their vagina and other pelvic organs caused by the increased weight on the area and changes in hormone production during pregnancy.

Some of the potential symptoms of vaginal laxity:

  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Insufficient lubrication, dryness
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of sensation during sexual intercourse
  • Discomfort or pain during intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • The good news is that there is help for women with this issue, with both surgical and non-surgical lasting vaginal laxity treatments.
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Treatment For Vaginal Laxity

Some women opt for a surgical solution to vaginal laxity, but as this is an invasive procedure requiring anaesthesia, you will need to take time out from work post-surgery to enable your recovery, and you will also need to allow sufficient time for your vagina to heal before using tampons, exercising, and resuming intercourse. Surgical interventions are synonymous with pain though this may be relatively mild and can be managed with pain relief medication. The results of surgical options can be long-lasting, although the effects of age and time may cause some looseness to reoccur that may have to be repaired with subsequent treatments.

Pregnancy can also hinder the surgical options because as you gain weight, the fetus and surrounding fluid puts pressure on your vaginal canal and may cause the site to loosen and therefore require further interventions. The fact is, that you may not be immune from this occurring even if you opt for a cesarean section because the amount of pressure exerted on the vagina is the same, you could need a fresh rejuvenation down the line.

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What Can I expect from a ThermiVa Treatment?

Many women are relieved to find out that non-surgical vaginal laxity treatments can achieve excellent long-lasting results without requiring surgery, with none of the associated downtime, and can be completed in just thirty minutes. The ThermiVa treatment works by delivering a combination of controlled radiofrequency and cryotherapy to heat the deeper layers of vaginal tissue without damaging the surface.

Along with noticeable improvements in vaginal laxity and dryness, urinary stress incontinence can also be reduced and in some cases eliminated completely after ThermiVa treatments. For many women, this procedure is a life-changing experience that can not only enhance their intimate relationships but also improve their self-esteem and help them to feel more like themselves again. The treatment itself stimulates collagen proteins within the skin and muscle tissue, essentially creating a toning and tightening effect. At PHI, we consider ThermiVa to be a maintenance treatment and recommend having it once yearly following the three-session course in order to see continued and long-lasting results.

Unlike its surgical counterparts, ThermiVa is almost entirely pain-free and is suitable for use on patients who have had children or plan to have them in the future. The temperature of the device is patient-controlled to ensure minimum discomfort throughout. During your treatment, you can sit back and relax, flip through a magazine, check your email, and let the treatment work wonders.

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Why Choose PHI Clinic For Your Lasting Feminine Tightening?

PHI Clinic’s medical director and founder Dr Tapan has a hand-selected clinical team to ensure PHI’s core values and high standards are always upheld. We always endeavour to provide the best, most suitable treatment for each and every patient as the unique human being that you are, making sure all questions and concerns are addressed prior to treatment and that all our patients leave fully-satisfied.

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feminine tightening consultation

To book a no-obligation and discrete consultation with one of our highly trained nurses, you can phone us on 02070345999, email us on info@phiclinic.com, or directly contact our nurses on discreet@phiclinic.com for more information. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out more about this and our other treatments.

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