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The Most Likely Causes Of Skin Tags

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Appearing mostly in areas where skin rubs together, skin tags are small fleshy growths that can occur anywhere on the body. Although they are not a danger to health, they can cause significant psychological damage to the sufferer over time, as they can be unsightly. These tags, also called cutaneous papilloma, are made up of collagen fibres, fat cells, blood vessels, and other structures, covered by skin.

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Caused By Friction

The likelihood of an individual having skin tags is affected by many factors, most of which centre around weight, as skin tags are mainly caused by friction.


Being overweight causes rolls of fat and skin, that when rubbed together, can cause skin tags. These can occur almost anywhere on the body that skin is exposed to friction.


Skin tags commonly appear under the breasts and on the torso during pregnancy, as the breasts and stomach grow and create more skin on skin contact.


As skin sags from the natural ageing process, it can create folds, where skin tags can form.

Tight Clothing Or Jewellery

Repeated friction from bra straps, tight sleeves, or jewellery contributes to the development of skin tags, as skin is repeatedly irritated.

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