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Lip Fillers Gone Wrong

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As the amount of cosmetic procedures being performed increases, there will, unfortunately, be procedures that miss the mark. This is even more true when it comes to lip filler treatments, which have gained monumental traction with almost every demographic. There is so much coverage in the media of lip fillers gone wrong, and the awful results people can be left with from dodgy procedures or clinicians, and mistakes are talked about much more than positive outcomes and great results.

So how can you avoid being a victim of lip fillers gone wrong?

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Choose the right doctor...

At PHI Clinic, dermal filler treatments are doctor led, as doctors have the advanced knowledge of facial anatomy to produce effective results as well as being able to handle complications and risks with ease. We use consultation to discuss your needs and expectations, as well as assess your face and lips to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes costing.

Our policy is to leave at least 24 hours between consultation and treatment to allow a ‘cooling off’ period for patient safety and comfortability, rather than performing same-day treatment, which has been known to lead to regrets and mistakes.

...and the right product - non surgical fillers juvederm

...and the right product

We never use permanent filler at PHI Clinic, as any problems with those cannot be easily fixed, often requiring surgery to remove. These also don’t age well, and can lead to more problems after a few years. Juvederm is our product of choice, a hyaluronic acid formula that employs the naturally occurring sugar to retain water for the plump-lipped appearance desired by patients.

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Corrective work to fix lip fillers gone wrong

Corrective work makes up over 1 in 10 of Dr Tapan Patel’s patients now, with bad lip fillers included in those, and while it is a positive experience helping someone to regain their confidence following a negative cosmetic journey, we would always prefer that patients were able to be treated effectively first time. By choosing a highly experienced, skilled practitioner to perform your first procedure you reduce your risk of regretting results, or suffering long-term repercussions from dodgy products or clinicians.

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