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Are Lip Fillers Safe?

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In western cultures, the cosmetic and aesthetic sectors are booming markets, growing increasingly popular by the social media drive for flawless perfection. One of the most requested procedures is temporary lip augmentation with dermal fillers to treat thin lips or an asymmetry. But are lip fillers safe, and what is the best product to use to achieve your desired effect?

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Are Lip Fillers Safe?: A History

Lip fillers have an interesting history that surprisingly dates back to the 1900s. Details of the first attempted lip augmentation were published in 1906; in this attempt, the surgeons involved tried injecting liquid paraffin directly into the lips. Not surprisingly, the procedure wasn’t successful and surgeons started looking into alternatives.

Liquid silicone was first used for lip augmentation in the 1960s. However, concerns about the safety of silicone on general health meant that this method of lip enhancement was abandoned and surgeons began using bovine collagen instead. Bovine collagen was deemed safe to use and became the standard product for lip augmentation. However, this method was not without its flaws, extra expense, and delays; an allergy test was required three weeks prior to treatment and patients would have to wait for weeks after treatment before any effect could be seen.

Fortunately, times have changed and for the most part, modern lip fillers are safe, although the industry is largely unregulated and therefore it is critical that you visit a reputable, experienced medical professional that only uses high-grade dermal fillers for your treatment. Most dermal fillers now contain high levels of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring polysaccharide that is present in the skin and cartilage. It attracts and retains water to swell to varying capacities (depending on the product used) when in a gel form, causing the sought-after filling effect. Lip fillers last anywhere up to 24 months and, if injected by a professional with the correct up-to-date training, have very little risks compared to other methods of lip augmentation.

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Lip Filler Products And Training At PHI Clinic

When considering if lip fillers are safe it is best to do your research, always research the product used by the clinic and the experience and training of your aesthetician. At PHI Clinic, when people come to us with concerns of thin lips or asymmetrical lips, we spend some time discussing their goals and how we can help them achieve them.

Lip filler safety is of tantamount importance and so we only use the market-leading Juvederm Vycross range by Allergan.

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Lip Filler Products

There are three lip augmentation options in this range and this gives our patients a more variable choice depending on their desired effect and their suitability for the treatment. The Vycross range all contain Lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, making the procedure much more comfortable for our patients.
Volift – Volift is ideal for patients who come to us looking for a more noticeable lift and greater overall augmentation.
Volbella – This product is for patients looking for a more subtle enhancement, maybe looking to correct asymmetry but wanting to avoid the treatment being very obvious.
Volite – This product works differently to a normal filler as it adds moisture to the lips with a slight plumping effect. This product is also ideal for patients who won’t be suitable for traditional lip augmentation because of the shape of their lips and how they sit on their teeth.

PHI Clinic founder Dr Tapan Patel has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic injectable treatments. He has himself piloted many new techniques, and because of this expertise, he is one of six Global Key Opinion Leaders for Allergan. As such, he is meticulous about the continued professional development of his handpicked team at PHI. He recognises that it is of vital importance in the cosmetic industry, that as new techniques and technologies are developed, so must the skill of his medical team, both for better results and increased patient safety.

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Lip Filler Consultation In London

Book a consultation to discuss lip fillers on 02070345999 or learn more via info@phiclinic.com. You can see many of our previous lip filler results in our Instagram highlights, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with everything that’s going on here at PHI Clinic.

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