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Lip Plumping Injections at 102 Harley Street

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A Popular Choice

In recent years, we have seen a surge in enquiries regarding lip plumping injections. There is no denying that fuller pouts and voluptuous lips are appealing and desirable. It is something we do regularly at the PHI Clinic in London.


The Very Best

Using the very best dermal fillers on the market, the Juvederm range from Allergan, we can ensure subtle and natural-looking results. Made up of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occuring molecule, we avoid administering foreign objects to the body, and therefore the risks involved are massively reduced.

PHI Clinic believe the temporary forms of facial fillers are the safest and best option for our patients. While you reap the benefits of lip filler treatment for around 12-18 months, you will not sacrifice your ability to change your mind after, should you not like the look.

The A Team

Lip plumping injections and Botox® treatments at PHI Clinic are only carried out by highly-skilled and accredited doctors. Our Medical Director Dr Tapan Patel is one of the most sought-after injectable doctors in the UK, seeing a full list of patients for Botox® and dermal treatments every day, and trains every member of his hand-selected team.

Bespoke Treatment Plans

Every treatment that takes place at PHI Clinic is the result of a well-executed treatment plan. Rather than going full steam ahead, we see every single patient in person for consultation. We create a bespoke plan based on the individual concerns and medical background. Not only does this mean that you get the best possible service from us as a cosmetic clinic, but it also upholds your safety at all times.

Aesthetic Awards 2016

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Winning ‘Best Clinic London’ for three consecutive years, we are a trusted and well-established cosmetic clinic based at 102 Harley Street. We treat a whole multitude of skin conditions and concerns, and offer our patients the widest selection of treatments in the UK, if not Europe.

A Wide Selection of Treatments

With such a vast number of lasers, devices and injectable treatments in our arsenal. We are confident we can not only find a solution to your problem, but in some cases even several different options.

Book Lip Plumping Injections Now

For further information on all the treatments we offer at PHI Clinic, please explore our website or call our team to request a brochure.

To schedule your consultation for lip plumping injections with a member of our medical team, please call us now on 0207 034 5999. Alternatively, send your contact details and outline your enquiry in an email to info@phiclinic.com 

We will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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