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Liposuction in London

There are various clinics in London that offer the liposuction procedure.
PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street is a doctor led clinic and one of high regard and endorsed by specialists. It is always important to consider what clinic you attend when deciding to undergo any procedure. There are many ways in which you can check that the clinic you attend is the best one for you.

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There are a vast amount of facilities and doctors performing liposuction treatments and with the number of different procedures available it can sometimes be overwhelming. Liposuction has become one of the most popular and top performed cosmetic procedures around. This surgical procedure effectively reduces fat and refines the body’s contour.

Liposuction provides greater results than other non invasive fat reduction procedures. However the recovery period is longer and it can typically cost more (initially) than its non surgical counterparts.

Before thinking about treatments it is important to understand that your health and past health may have implications on what treatments you can have done. It is vital that you choose a doctor who is suited to your needs, is reputable, good and experienced. You need to feel comfortable when having anything done and this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. With many clinics offering these treatments in London alone it is best that you attend the consultation with questions already prepped.

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Liposuction is not a fix for a weight problem. It should be used to enhance the natural curves and regain the contours of the body by removing unwanted fat. Diet and exercise should go hand in hand with liposuction as any deposits that are hard to shift using these methods can be helped along with lipo. As we advance in life the body tends to re map the areas where it deposits most of the excess fatty tissue but age is not a deciding factor as to whether liposuction is right for you. There are many reasons you may want that extra helping hand to shift this excess fat. When we look good we feel good.

You must understand realistic expectations. Reputable doctors and practitioners will not sugar coat, but will explain the realistic timeline for results and what you will need to do to achieve the best possible outcome. After the procedure you may feel bruising, tenderness, swelling and on some occasions scarring from where the incisions have taken place. The final results will take time to become visible and the downtime is longer with an invasive procedure than it is with a non invasive one.

The main areas targeted by liposuction are the thighs, hips, back and abdomen. Understandably liposuction can not only help enhance the body but it can rejuvenate the mind by providing more confidence within yourself.

London is a strong market for any cosmetic procedure and with liposuction being on top of that list there are many clinics that offer this treatment.

All treatments and devices discussed within these articles may change over time however they were all available at the time of publication. Phi prides itself on staying in touch with all the technological advances and thus providing its patients with the best chance of successful treatment. Phi does not accept any responsibility for the comments in these posts.

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