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Liposuction in London surgical and non surgical

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Non invasive liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss and may not achieve the dramatic results of that of its counterpart of an invasive procedure. However it is important to understand all aspects of the treatments. With an invasive procedure you will endure a longer recovery period, you will require anaesthetic and there may be some bruising in addition to swelling at the site of incision. There are associated risks with any procedure undertaken and these will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Non invasive liposuction is best suited to the smaller to medium areas of unwanted fat that is not responding to diet and exercise. This may provide you with a slimmer appearance and a more contoured shape. Some of the non invasive treatments can be completed in as little as 25 minutes. You may require more than one session and the best results usually appear between 6-12 weeks post treatment.

surgical and non surgical liposuction

Invasive treatments may cost more upfront this is due to the amount of time they take, the need for anesthetic, the recovery care and the number of people involved throughout the treatment but the procedures work well on larger areas of fatty deposits that need to be shifted. In addition the results can be quite dramatic although the best results will still take time to appear. It is important to consider that although the cost of these procedures may be larger initially, you may, as previously stated need more than one session with non invasive methods. This is dependent on the amount of problematic areas you have and the amount of fat you have within these areas.

The use of suction with invasive liposuction will remove the fat from the problematic areas. Non invasive procedures use devices such as lasers, heat, cold and injections to melt/erode the fat and then the unwanted substances are not ‘sucked’ from the body but the body gets rid of such substances naturally and over time.

Non invasive treatments work by either killing the fat cells, which in turn stops the body from having so many places to store the deposits, or it reduces the size of the cells themselves. It is important to understand that although some of the fat cells may be killed the remaining ones still have the ability to expand if allowed. Therefore, it is best to couple any procedure with a healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve the best results. This goes for invasive and non invasive procedures. Each method will allow the body to restore its contour, without the fat there to get in the way.

healthy lifestyle before procedure

Non invasive liposuction can be a better option if you are already at your ideal weight (or there abouts), you have good skin elasticity and you are looking to target smaller stubborn areas of unwanted fat.

When considering either surgical or non surgical liposuction it is important to look at the pros and cons. There are many forms of liposuction available and it is always best to find which best suits your needs. You will be able to discuss your options at your consultation.

The treatments discussed within these articles may change over time due to the ongoing research and the use of latest technological advances and devices. All treatments discussed in these posts were present at the clinic when the posts were written. All treatments are performed at the highest standard so you can be confident of the best results possible. PHI accepts no responsibility for the content of these articles.

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