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London’s Best Clinic for Liposuction

London’s Best Clinic for Liposuction

When considering any form of surgical or non-surgical procedure it is vital that you do your research. Deciding to have any treatments can be made easier if you’re able to discuss your situation with a medical professional. This decision is one that will live with you forever.

PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street, London is an accredited clinic and one recognised highly with medical specialists.


Entrance to PHI Clinic LondonIt is important to research the clinic you decide upon fully. Looking at their reviews is a simple way of doing so however always understand that these can sometimes be written by internal or close members of the team. Look for ‘befores’ and ‘afters’ and ask about any complications that can occur with procedures. Reputable clinics will not hide the fact that problems may happen but they will make you aware of these and in addition talk to you about solutions should these situations occur. It is sometimes beneficial to talk to other people who have had treatments at the clinic that you are considering.

Is the clinic you’re looking into part of the CQC (Care Quality Commission). The CQC is an independent body of health and adult care in England. You can ask the provider to show you their registration certificate or you can look them up online. If the Clinic is part of the CQC you can also look up their last inspection report online.

With every treatment you consider you would require a consultation to discuss your procedure. In these consultations you would be able to talk about what treatments would best suit your situation. If you have any questions then this is the time to ask. Should you decide to have any procedure then you should be fully equipped with all the relevant information before going ahead. Consultations can be carried out by various members of the team. It is very important to meet the practitioner who will carry out your treatment. Not only will they understand what you expect from the procedures but you will also be able to decide if you feel comfortable in their hands.

A free consultation can seem like an incentive and it may allow you to visit more than one clinic to gather information. However it is always best to meet the practitioner/surgeon who will carry out your treatment. Usually you will need to pay a consultation fee to be able to do this. This is important to the outcome of your procedure and should never be overlooked. Consultations with the practitioner who will complete your treatment can be more in depth than those that are done by other members of staff.

If the treatment you have decided to undergo is a product based treatment then it is always best to check what product is used. Some products have counter products, for example a dermal filler may be countered with something called Hyalase. It is vital that you understand what is going into your body. Your full medical history will be required and from this it can be seen if you have any allergies etc which may affect the treatment.

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Always complete research thoroughly and never be afraid to ask any questions relating to your chosen treatment or even about the past work of the practitioner. Reputable clinics will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

Treatments at Phi Clinic may alter over time but all procedures mentioned in these articles are present at the clinic at the time of publication. Phi provides patients with the best treatments available by staying on top of the latest technological advances and devices. By using the latest systems it means Phi is able to conduct top of the range treatments with the best chance of success. Phi does not accept responsibility for the comments in these posts.

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