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Methods for Removing Cellulite

 Traditional Methods for Cellulite Removal

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Many of us, especially women, suffer with cellulite and have done so throughout history. Cellulite is a dimply, extremely common skin condition that is not serious in medical terms, but can sometimes be unsightly. It is interesting to take a little look back at some original treatments for cellulite; for years people have suggested many kinds of folk remedies for the removal of cellulite, from basic treatments such as anti-cellulite massage, to rubbing sea salt on affected areas, to therapeutic clay wrapping against cellulite. Needless to say, most of these treatments are proven ineffective and are probably solutions that are on a par with simply ‘not sitting down all the time’. A good bit of old fashioned exercise, however, is a method to reduce cellulite that is still advised now just as much as it was years ago. But what are the best methods for cellulite that just won’t shift?

Early Technology in Cellulite Removal

As technology has grown, many options for cellulite removal have been introduced to the market. There are a range of creams that claim to smooth your skin and dissolve unwanted fat, but you would struggle to find much evidence to support these claims. Massages and spa treatments are still used today, and they are proven to have an immediate impressive affect on the appearance of dimply skin, but these results are never long-lasting. Liposuction was a popular treatment for cellulite removal, but it is now recognised that liposuction removes deep fat and not cellulite (and by removing fat in cellulite-affected areas this could actually worsen the cellulite itself). Mesotherapy is another option for treating cellulite, but the results are minimal and not very encouraging. So, if you’re wanting a treatment for cellulite removal that actually works, what should you go for? There is only one treatment that we would advise and that’s laser cellulite removal. And there’s only one type of laser cellulite removal we would advise you seek in London – Cellulaze.

New Cellulaze Technology

A valued member of our team at PHI Clinic is Mr Hassan Shaaban, who specialises in Laser Plastic Surgery. Mr Shaaban was the first laser plastic surgeon to introduce Cellulaze to the UK, and if you are looking for this innovative treatment in London, then it is available exclusively at PHI Clinic.

Cellulaze is a laser by Cynosure. Cellulaze works by targeting the structural issues beneath your skin that cause the cellulite, allowing the treatment to achieve far greater results that many other anti-cellulite treatments that work only on a superficial level, It also helps to thicken and add elasticity to your skin whilst treating the fibrous bands beneath the surface of the skin.

Cellulite Removal at PHI Clinic, London

If you would like some more information on the new, innovative treatment that is ‘Cellulaze’, then come and see Mr Hassan Shaaban at PHI Clinic. We are situated at 102, Harley Street, in the centre of London’s medical district. Boasting four floors of clinical excellence, including our own laser floor, we offer our patients the best possible treatments in a beautiful setting.

for more information regarding cellulite treatments at PHI Clinic call: 0207 034 5999

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