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miraDry: The Lasting Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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Severe excessive sweating solutions

For some of us that suffer with excessive sweating the desire for a lasting hyperhidrosis treatment seems very appealing. Some of the tempoary common solutions include, carrying strong anti-perspirants, spare clothing, wearing dark or white coloured tops. But these tempoary measures rarely solve the issue at hand. For patients that suffer with severe hyperhidrosis, also known as ‘excessive sweating’, sometimes even strong treatments that are prescribed by a doctor do not seem to have the desired effect; in these cases there are surgical options that are worth considering. Thoracic sympathectomy involves a surgical cutting of the sympathetic nerves that lead to the sweat glands, which produce sweat. Results from a procedure such as this are usually immediate, although for some patients the idea of going under the knife can be somewhat off-putting.

miraDry: a lasting treatment for excessive sweating

miraDry is a new, advanced treatment for significantly reducing under-arm sweat that has recently been introduced to the UK. An FDA-cleared, clinically proven solution, miraDry provides a non-invasive solution for those suffering with excessive sweating. It is to date the only non-surgical lasting hyperhidrosis treatment and works by delivering precise and contolled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area, thus eliminating the sweat glands. In order to achieve optimum desired results, miraDry is typically delivered in two to three procedures which last about an hour long and are spaced roughly three months apart.

Proven miraDry results to reduce underarm sweat

Although miraDry is new to the UK, it has been a solution for hyperhidrosis available in the US for years. Patients in the US have rated miraDry as a treatment with a 93% satisfaction rate and these reviews are available to the public on realself.com.

Why should patients suffering with hyperhidrosis come for treatment at PHI Clinic?

Our team of surgeons and practitioners at PHI Clinic are highly experienced in all treatments for hyperhidrosis, also known as ‘excessive sweating’. When you come for your initial consultation, it is paramount that you are given a full evaluation of your condition in order to determine the best possible treatment for you. We offer a range of treatments for excessive sweating, from miraDry, to botox, to emollient moisturisers and creams. Whatever the severity of your hyperhidrosis, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with a solution.

Excessive sweating treatment at PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street

At PHI Clinic, our specialists have many years experience in providing lasting hyperhidrosis treatments. Located in the centre of the medical district at 102, Harley Street, PHI Clinic provides our patients with a 5-star setting and the highest levels of care. Boasting 4 floors of clinical excellence, including a laser floor, non-surgical, expert training facilities and patient support floor, we can guarantee our patients will be treated in the most professional manner possible throughout their experience with us.

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