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One of the best ways to select a clinic for any treatment is to look at the reviews that have been posted from previous customers. Websites like TrustPilot and Google are excellent sources of reviews; here is a TrustPilot miraDry review from one of our lovely patients who underwent treatment.

miraDry Review : Hyperhidrosis - Permanent Sweating Solution Harley Street 690x960

miraDry Review : Hyperhidrosis

“I first experienced hyperhidrosis at the age of 11 – I still remember my sister wanting to try my top on and her comment “You’re so sweaty, the underarms on this top are so wet!” This is when I first noticed my sweating problem and since then I suffered everyday in silence. My teenage years were a nightmare – my school shirts were white which meant my big round patches were obvious, and due to this embarrassing problem I would never take off my jumper even in summer. I would never wear any colourful tops.

I visited my GP who prescribed me strong deodorants, but they were so strong they would burn me and I would be in agony through the night, and to make things worse I would still have wet patches the next day. I searched for treatments but I couldn’t find anything which didn’t consist of an operation so I quit searching and continued to suffer until I reached 26.

One day in April 2016 I was so frustrated at having wet pits that I started searching again and this time round miraDry came up. I had never heard of it and read for months – it excited me however I thought it was too good to be true, so I left the idea until one day in November I thought what do I have to lose? From my months of research I already knew of PHI Clinic and chose to have my treatment there…”

miraDry Review : Consultation & Treatment - Excessive Sweating Injections london

miraDry Review : Consultation & Treatment

“I called up the clinic and booked up my consultation. When I arrived at my consultation I was greeted warmly and my nurse soon took me in the consultation room. She explained thoroughly the procedure of miraDry and told me to expect 80% reduction after 2 treatments. I was happy with this as I thought if I could even have 80% reduction that would reduce my sweating dramatically.”

“The day of the treatment arrived – I was taken to the treatment room, my nurse explained her assistant would give me the anesthetic injections and she will carry out the suction. They were so warm and friendly I felt comfortable straight away and was really excited and at the same time nervous about the treatment. The assistant maintained a conversation with me the whole time she was injecting the anaesthetic, which was bearable, however there was a slight discomfort at certain areas.

Soon I was ready for the suction part of the treatment. My nurse maintained a conversation with me throughout the treatment and this was nice as it made the whole experience very enjoyable even though the suction part did pinch in certain places of the underarm; I did mention this so she applied more gel for lubrication.”

miraDry Review : Post-Treatment - sweat treatment multi award winning clinic london 690x960

miraDry Review : Post-Treatment

“The treatment finished and due to the anaesthetic I could not feel any pain at all, my nurse explained in a few hours my underarms will start swelling up and the anaesthetic will wear off and I will feel some discomfort. She gave me an ice pack and some cream to apply for a week. I left the clinic and had a pleasant journey back home as I was still numb.”

“A few hours later, the anaesthetic did wear off and I started feeling discomfort, swelling, and burning sensations so I placed the ice pack to cool off both underarms. The next day I still had the same feeling – the feeling of golf balls under my arms and slight burning however I must say this was still bearable and I carried on as normal and did not have to take any painkillers at all, I even drove around that day and as a trial I wore a bright orange top to see if I would sweat and to my delight at the end of the day my underarms were totally dry and I felt total happiness and liberation as I have never been able to wear such colours in my whole life.”

miraDry Review : Results - excessive sweating treatment review 690x960

miraDry Review : Results

“After that day everyday I would check for patches and everyday I would be dry and patch free even after the sweatiest, busiest tube journeys. miraDry has changed my life I am so confident – I can wear anything and any colour and I have not touched deodorant since December 2016!

I love miraDry and recommend it to everyone who has suffered from hyperhidrosis – my shout out is go and get it done – it’s worth every penny! It’s been 2 months now and I am totally dry and even considered not having or needing a second treatment, however my wonderful nurse has advised me to come back within 6 months for a second treatment to maximise these results and to ensure this result stays the way it is now.”

“Anyone who is considering this treatment – honestly I advise you to contact PHI Clinic in Harley Street and book your consultation.”

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Visit PHI Clinic

This review has been edited for grammar and clarity, the original full testimonial can be found here. We do not perform same day treatment at PHI, and always require a consultation in order to determine your suitability for treatment.

To book a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 034 5999 or info@phiclinic.com.

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