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Mole Mapping

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Mole mapping is one of the vital services that we perform here at PHI Clinic. Mole mapping is carried out by our consultant, Mr Apul Parikh, who gave us the answers to three important frequently asked questions.

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Why is mole mapping so important?

“The incidence of skin cancer is increasing significantly. It is essential for people to have their moles examined regularly to ensure that they are not changing into anything worrying such as skin cancers. It is often very difficult to monitor moles for change when people have many of them; it is even harder if they are located in hard to see places such as the back or skin creases.”

“Mole mapping is the gold standard in analysing all of these moles and creating a robust and accurate record of lesions. Once this record has been created, people who are at a high risk of developing skin cancers are encouraged to have these moles mapped again annually, and the images are compared by the doctor. Using very sophisticated software we can ensure that if any moles have changed, they are identified and examined in further detail. If any of these moles are worrying, then patients would be encouraged to have them removed and hopefully any anomalies would have been detected early.”

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Who would be most suited to having a mole mapping session?

“Ideally anyone who has spent a significant time in the sun, has multiple moles, or has a family history of skin cancers would be suited to having a mole mapping session. Usually these patients are light skinned.”

“As frequent mole mapping is carried out, there is a possibility that malignant moles can be treated and even cured promptly. The mole mapping plays a vital role in the detection of skin cancer in its earlier stage.”

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How long does a mole mapping session take?

“It usually takes approximately 45 minutes including a dermatoscopy, if required. This is a technique by which any suspicious moles are examined using a very high powered lens (approximately 200x magnification) and analysed in further detail.”

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Mole mapping prices begin at £185, and can be booked by contacting us on 0207 034 5999 or emailing us on info@phiclinic.com.

Consultation with Mr Parikh costs £125 for new patients, though this fee is redeemable against the price of any treatment you go on to have with us at PHI Clinic.

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